"Roses" from Blood Red Blooms

I’m jumping over barricades running after you I’m climbing in the motorcade only to look you in the eye and know that you are mine I’m breaking all the rules // So can I touch, touch, touch the seam of your coat? and would you catch, catch, catch the roses that I’m throwing? // It’s not enough to know your name and not say it aloud it’s not enough to watch you pass and stand here with the crowd // the roses that I’m throwing, the roses that I’m throwing The roses that I’m, roses that, he rose and I rose with him, He rose and I rose with him he rose and I rose with him.

"Blossoms" from Blood Red Blooms

Blossoms, blossom, life folds out of death Blossoms, blossom, sweetness in each breath And I am not afraid, I am not afraid and I am ready now, I am ready now // Come and sit on the throne Of my heart // Blossoms, blossom, winters cold reversed Blossoms, blossom, from the barren earth And I am not alone, I am not alone and I’m letting go, I’m letting go // New sides of your face are all I can see New hallelujahs are growing in me Blood red blooms at the foot of your tree Let everything that has breath sing

"Hound of Heaven" from Blood Red Bloom

I could make my bed in the deepest sea, in a desert storm you’d find me, in the streets of New York, with a million people, you're always right behind me, I fled you down the days, I fled you down the nights I fled you down the years // Where could I go, Where could I hide To you even the dark is light around this foggy mountainside got the Hound of Heaven on my heels tonight Got the Hound of Heaven on my heels tonight // To the feet that follow, every hill and hollow Every burning swallow of liquid fear trying to evade you, as your love pursues that constant beat is nothing new // A jealous heart is on my tracks all the time, all the time And I can hear him whispering, you are mine, you are mine

"Against the Bricks" from Blood Red Blooms

Only God can pull apart, the walls around a heart, I could beat my fist up against the bricks, but what good would it do? It wouldn’t change you // so I am leaning my back upon your gates, and here I will wait for, love and grace to befall, answering all, the wanderings of your soul // only love would stick around make its bed upon the ground When the wild dogs howl when their on the prowl I’ll be wide awake, however high the stakes // Rain will fall upon a thirsty ground and we’ll watch the seeds we’ve sown coming up all around, they’ll come up all around.

"Sparrow" from Blood Red Blooms

Oh little sparrow with despair in your wings the deeper the sorrow the sweeter you sing your song la la la these days are only passing shadows like cars driving by a bedroom window // your sweet song like an arrow making my heart bleed, as you cry in the fallow I’m swaying can’t you see, you are more than many sparrows to me // sometimes the city makes you an orphan, so sit on my branches and I’ll be your portion // I heard your sleep deprived sigh, looked deep into your bloodshot eyes, saw your worn and weary heart.

"Rabbit Run" from Blood Red Blooms

Run, rabbit run, rabbit run, rabbit run // I begin to burrow my heart deep under the dirt, like it’s mine to keep I hide away inside the earth // I run like I’ve got something to lose when all along all I’ve had is you, I know it in my head but every now and then I run.. // I begin to wonder how long I can hold my breath Just like Jonah I am caught between two kinds of death // I run like I’ve got a race to win but you’re the beginning and the end, I know it in my heart of hearts and I don’t want to run.

"Cross of Christ" from Blood Red Blooms

Show me my pain in the light of your love, remind me your wounded side is enough, Oh my soul, my soul won’t you bring // Nearer to the cross of Christ, let it be my heart's reprise, oh I'm clinging for dear life, nearer to the cross of Christ // when I feel misunderstood and alone brush my hands over the holes in your own oh to see, your sorrow filled eyes // show me my pain in the light of your love, hide my life deep in the red of your blood, oh my soul forever will sing.

"Walking on Air" from Blood Red Blooms

Day after day, they lock the gate, send me down to earn my wage, break my back, skin turns black, under the weight of earth I cannot last // walking on air, I’m walking on air, there’s confetti falling everywhere walking on air, I’m walking on air, there’s confetti falling everywhere I turn, all I see is light, lighting up the wings of the heavenly hosts, as I lift my eyes // night after night, so full of fight, I relent, rest my mind, under the stars, your heavy heart, under the weight of who you are // and I see your face everything else begins to fade, as I go from glory to glory, only closer to this place.

"Creature of Habit" from White Flag

In the fire and in the flood I watch a town collect it's dust, and everything I've ever loved is all the sudden not enough. // For this broken, young heart, dying for a new start. // I am a creature of habit, you are the master of change. You are one in a million and I am terribly plain. So plant a seed inside of my soul. Give it some water and watch it grow and grow and grow. // In the morning in the night watch my spirit fight its fight, against the flesh and bones on me, I cannot set myself free. // stop the cycle, I can't live this way. show me a new path and I will walk that way. //

"Tell Him I'm Not Ready" from White Flag

Tell him I'm not ready, tell him it's not time even though he's perfect I'm waiting on a sign. Ask him if he's angry, ask him if he'll wait just a little longer until my heart is tame // And I can feel it rising in my bones, I am clinging to my fear and clinging to control // He said "give me one good reason you should stay a minute more, just take your fickle heart and walk right out the door." But he's more than what I want, he's more than what I need. I know that love is stronger than this fear so crippling. // And I can feel it rising in my bones, and I am losing all my fear and losing all control. // Tell me who can wake up the night? A soul as warm as yours can melt a heart like mine. //

"White Flag" from White Flag

Giving you this pain means giving you my heart and giving you my heart is a white flag. Every little want, every single dream, hidden in my heart is bursting at the seams. Fighting for a breath in the ocean of your grace, and when I close my eyes I can hear you say // I want you all of you, I want you this way. I love you all of you, completely, this way. // Giving you my heart means giving up my pride and giving you my pride is harder than it seems, the last thing I need is a war inside of me 'cause I know how it ends, with a white flag // at the end of the day when I lay my head down I want you to stay, at the end of the day when I lay my head down I want to hear you say... // 

"Do You Want Her Back? from White Flag

Love will flood into your heart, there's no raft, there's no ark that you can climb aboard when it does. Feelings you abandon as a child are coming back to find you quickly grown and very far home. // Do you ever miss the girl who used to lay in bed, never with a less than peaceful thought inside her head? Whatever happened to the brave and loving you? she's gone. Do you want her back? // Everything in disrepair, try to carry try to bear all that life has left at your front door, all the love you used to know inside your mother's arms, you don't know how to get it, you don't know how to give. // you're trying but still, there's nothing to fill, your broken heart, your beautiful heart. // Feelings you abandon as a child are coming back to find you quickly grown and you are coming home. //

"Sound of Saints" from White Flag

My heart is changed, feelings rearranged and I don't know what to say. To you who wait in the darkest age, I will sit and wait with you. // we cannot yet understand it, but be still and you might hear. // The sound of the saints echo, a heavenly choir. The taste of love he left, awakens our desire to join in the song, let us join in the sound of the saints. // I see your face when your read the words and you can't quite comprehend, but hold on to this simple truth, that love will always win. // let's be heaven on earth tonight, the kingdom is near, the kingdom is here. //

"Garden Walk" from White Flag

I had a bad day and I can feel all the weight, you are the only place I can go. // So walk with me take my hand please, we don't have to speak at all. Let's walk through your garden, let's walk through your garden, let's walk through your garden, until the dinner bell rings. // You are my escape, and I want to stay, in your company, everyday till the day that I die. //

"In My Lungs" from White Flag

Life is beautiful and you are worth the wait. Love has proved its point. Hope was everywhere, all along the way, there are flowers where my tears fell // And the mandolin, and the fiddle play, the singers sing, and we breathe it in. // it feels like ooo ooo in my lungs. // I was such a fool for being so alone, because love was within reach, you could call it grace, I call it insane, you brought heaven down to me. //

"Mango Tree" from White Flag

I searched the world for silver and gold, until the wind filled my sails no more, and I gave up somewhere in the caribbean, my ship washed up one some tropical shore. // and I found you under the mango tree, you gave me life, you set me free, you found me though I wasn't worth finding, you touch my hand you refined me. // so there I was before you, reduced to tears through and through, you opened my eyes so wide, and filled my heart with grace divine. // I heard you up in the mango tree, you gave me life, you set me free, you heard me though I wasn't worth hearing, you crowned my head, you washed my feet. // yeah I found you up in the mango tree, you gave me life you set me free, and you found me though I wasn't worth finding. You crowned my head, you washed my feet."

"Fighter" from SHE

Yes your a fighter and you will fight until the end, until the war is won. Yes you're a soldier and you will soldier on until your last breath is gone. // You are what makes this human race. // And it takes more than words to hurt you, it takes more than words to hurt, it takes more than stones to break you it takes more than stones to break you won't be shaken, you won't be taken by them. // And you can't change the past now and you couldn't change it then but that's quite alright, because you're stronger than anger, you are much stronger than revenge and it's past your sight. //

"Miss O'hara, Mrs. Butler" from SHE

Well a man in town said I could get a piece of paper and never see you again, so I signed the bottom and a few more places and made you sign it right beside of me. and I left town, found me a new man, I like him better, he has a better hairline. He makes six figures and we have a big house and a pool in the backyard. // But it's not enough, it's not enough, it's not enough and it never will be. // Sometimes at night I lay awake and try to justify why I left. I think about how you cursed in front of my dog and smacked your lips when you ate dinner, and there's probably more things but I can't think of any, 'cause sleep is finding here in my bed. Thank the lord I have some peace, it's temporary, but that's okay. //

"Love Replacement" from SHE

You've got so much going for you, you have a whole life before you, everything in time gets better, love replaces what is weathered // and the very worst part is that your very own heart can't feel this hope I have for you, and the very worst part is that your very own eyes can't see what I have dreamed for you, 'cause I dream in color, I wait in wonder, and I'll paint you a picture of how life could be.. if you let go.. //

"A Home Around Him" from SHE

She has built a home around his body. She has been working from the start. Lavished with bright color and beauty, the only thing missing is his heart. A foundation made of innocence, walls made from someone else's words, a roof made of summer memories. It leaks and reminds her of the hurt. // her tears can't move his indifference, so she works harder, to make up the difference. // Years go by like hours in a waiting room, that house is going to come caving in real soon. // Somebody ought to save her or she'll go crazy soon. // They say all is fair in love and war, they should really come and meet this girl, 'cause she would walk from here to Canada, just to hear one single loving word. // I wish he'd let her rest, I wish she'd let him go, tell me is it worth the fight if you're going to lose your soul? //

"Strong Woman" from SHE

Please draw me some water, will you pour me a drink? If you knew who was asking, you'd be asking the same thing. Go and tell your husband, wait, you aren't bound to him. Let me take a wild guess while he's lying in your bed. // He's a warm body, and arm to wrap around your waist, in the dark of the night. And you're a strong woman, strong enough to watch him go, when the night turns to morning. You have proved yourself to be, a strong woman indeed. // You can't count them on one hand, the men that you have loved, they have left you dry, they are not enough, but I can win your glory back and I can give you what you lack, just don't go crawling back to him, darling please. // Come, drink from my well. I am no temporary high. You will find what you need. I am the way, the truth, and life.

"O Starry Night" Christmas Single

O starry night, heavy with hope, a blanket of peace covers the earth. O holy night, when Christ was born, O starry night. // Rejoice, rejoice, oh can you hear the angel chorus sing? Rejoice, rejoice oh can you see the shepherds at his feet. // You rich and you poor, oh come and adore, the son of God precious babe. // Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel is word in flesh appears. Rejoice, Rejoice oh God with us, the ransom for sinners here. // All of you humble and all of you powerful, here is the hope of the world, all of you broken and all of you lost, hunger and thirst no more. //